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Anybody ever hear of Lilith? You know, Adam's first wife, before there was Eve.

So my brother mentioned her to me (he heard about her through an anime), and she has become my recent facination, since I have never heard about her. I have researched her in all kinds of books and from many sources, so this is not a load of my imagination.

Anyways, the story goes, the book of Genesis has two stories on creation. "male and female, he created them" (Genesis 1:27). In other words, they were created at the same time, not man, and then woman. In the second telling, it was Adam made first, then Eve. Anyways, these are details in the words, and I don't know the weight of the Bible anyways in telling the truth.

So apparently as the tales go, Adam wanted to have sex with Lilith, and he wanted her on the bottom (all the stories say it in fluffy words like "he wanted Lilith to lie beneath" but I'm just going to flat out say it), and Lilith took offence at this submissive position, and refused to. Adam then tried to take her by force, then Lilith said the secret name of God, and rose into the air and left. She went to the Red Sea, where she was tracked down by three angels. God sent these angels to get her when Adam complained to God about her leaving. Lilith did not return with these angels, but promised to not hurt any child that is protected by the name of these angels. Amulets are made traditionally to give to children to protect them from Lilith engraved with one or more of these angels' names.

Lilith was basically turned into a demon, often called the wife of Satan. She is blamed for infant death, infertility (in some cultures), and for male "nightly emissions", the latter of which is supposed to be brought about by Lilith raping men in their sleep, and using their semen to create her demon children. Which by the way, I forgot to mention, since Lilith ran away from Adam, God punished her by making one hundred of her children die daily. That would really suck, firstly because that is a lot of death and hurt from death, secondly, that means that just to keep even, she would have to have 100 children a day, to create a larger population, she would have to have even more than that. That would be like a baby every fifteen minutes (actually more than that, but I am just rounding), and that is the "just to keep even" scenario.

So because Adam's first wife insisted that they were equal, Adam went to God complaining that he was lonely, after chasing off his second wife. This is where Eve steps in, being created out of Adam's rib, she is therefore dependent on Adam. She was made of him, she is just an extension of him. Thus she is submissive of him.

Anyways, just wanted to bring this to people's attention, as I have gone so long without ever hearing this story. It is so little known, I thought I'd spread the word.
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